Severn Ware coffee pot   American, 19th CenturyAsking Price: SOLD

D.F. Haynes Baltimore    c. 1885


An American Aesthetic Era Severn Ware Coffee Pot in cream coloured glazed stoneware by David Frances Haynes, Chesapeake Pottery, Baltimore, Maryland.

The piece is decorated with upper and lower embossed frieze bands in the neo-classical taste, enclosing a Japanese motif of reeds, florals and insects.

The decoration is applied in varying tones of gold and silver executed in fine tube-lining.

A finely potted and highly decorative piece which displays beautifully.

Excellent condition apart from a small chip (re-stuck) and short hairline at rim near top of handle, which are not noticeable except under close examination.

Gilding is in pristine condition with no rubbing or losses.

Severn ware was first produced in 1885, however, it was produced in very limited quantities for only a short period as it was expensive to produce.

The decoration is attributed to James Callowhill (1838-1917).

Callowhill came to the US in 1885 from the English Royal Worcester factory. No doubt the naming of the "Severn ware" was a tip of the hat to the Royal Worcester origins - the River Severn flows through the city of Worcester.

Callowhill only worked at Haynes Chesapeake for two years, from 1885 to 1887.

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Size: 9.5" x 6.5" (24.1 x 16.5 cm.)

D.F. Haynes American Art Pottery Coffee Pot

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