Koryo Dynasty celadon   Korean, Koryo Dynasty (935 - 1392 A.D.)Asking Price: SOLD

Oil jarlet    12th-13thc


Iron decorated Koryo celadon oil jar.

The Iron decorated Koryo celadons are rare and less commonly encountered than inlaid "mishima" wares.

Guaranteed authentic.

Base shows fine white quartz support spurs.

Neck has old Japanese gold lacquer repair.

The Koryo Dynasty, which lasted from 918 to 1392 AD had a strong Buddhist influence which shaped many of it's cultural achievements.

Buddhist temples flourished during the Koryo period, and with them grew a need for fine vessels to be used during the many ritual ceremonies.

In the middle of the 10th century, Korean artists, some who had been schooled in China, began creating celadon by using inlay and copper glazing techniques which were developed first in China but only fully developed and perfected by Korean artisans.

The Korean use of these techniques were unique in the history of pottery.
The level of fine quality and beauty they were able to achieve in their work surpassed that of other countries and came to be revered by even the Chinese for it's elegant, yet simple beauty.

The Koryo Royal Court also used some of the finest examples of celadon pottery in their palaces both as vessels for daily use and as objects of fine art.

The finest examples of celadon were produced during the middle and latter part of the 11th century by artisans who remain unknown today.

With the Mongol Invasions which started in 1231 AD the flourishing culture began to decline, and along with it, the quality of the pottery being produced.

By the beginning of the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910) most of the delicate manufacturing techniques for celadon had been lost.

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Size: 2.5" x 2.5" (6.4 x 6.4 cm.)

Korean Pottery Koryo celadon oil jar

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