Alamode Galleries     is now permanently closed.

   Owner has retired.  The private collection can be viewed at this site

Our current inventory of paintings

Alamode Galleries

Keith Baynes - sold
Frederic Marlett Bell-Smith - sold
Louis Belzile - sold
Laurence Biddle - sold
Pierre de Ligny Boudreau - sold
School of Chinnery - sold
Carl Coger - sold
Antonio Diego Voci - sold
Roland Dorcely - sold
Peter Ewart - sold
Francesco Furini - sold
Jacques Gabriel - sold
Edward Goodall - sold
Hans Hansen - sold
Alfred Frederick Hayward - sold
Benjamin Williams Leader - sold
Mary Pollitt - sold
Mary E Pollitt - sold
Herbert Morton Stoops - sold
Thomas Trythall Rowe - sold
Jose Weiss - sold

Metalwork and sculpture

Alamode Galleries

Sergio Bustamante - sold
Bisansha Sterling Frame - sold

Antique & Modern glass

Alamode Galleries

Holmegaard Carnaby Vase - sold
Georgian Cut Glass Decanters - sold

Woodblock prints

Alamode Galleries

R G Bunyard - sold
Hironobu Oda - sold

Pottery & ceramic arts

Alamode Galleries

Jacob Bang studio pottery - sold
Raku Yaki Chawan - sold
Walter Dexter - sold
Miklos Komlos - sold
Koryo Dynasty celadon - sold
Hiroaki Morino - sold
Wayne Ngan - sold
Krystyna Sadowska - sold

General Antiques

Alamode Galleries

Severn Ware coffee pot - sold

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